BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Recently, COVID-19 cases have been rising across the country, especially with the spread of the Delta variant. Some places have considered bringing back restrictions, even if you are vaccinated, which could affect some people’s mental health.

“It’s anxiety-provoking for everyone, really. We’re still in this unknown. We’re trying to get out of this pandemic,” said Dr. Sarah Momen, a psychiatrist for Mercy Health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, less than 60 percent of adults have been fully vaccinated.

People who are fully vaccinated might have mixed emotions toward those who have not received the shot, but Dr. Momen says maybe some people just can’t right now.

“They have severe mental illness. They are struggling with just maintaining normal mental stability, getting their medication on time, their appointments,” she said.

If we do see some restrictions put back in place, it could affect each person differently.

Dr. Momen says she still has patients who are having trouble with life returning to normal.

If we do see some restrictions return, she wants to remind people we are still in this together.

“I mean, I just think we all have to deal with it, how it comes, and realize that everyone is dealing with the same thing,” she said.

Dr. Momen says talking to people about your anxiety can help. She also suggests for people to educate themselves when it comes to COVID-19 and to limit their time on social media.

“A lot of really anxious people, they’re constantly checking their phone, reading up on media stuff with the vaccine. Sometimes, that can make anxiety much worse,” she said.

Governor Mike DeWine talked about if mask mandates would come back. As of now, he does not plan on it.