Portion of I-680 closed through at least Wednesday afternoon following crash

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A tractor-trailer and Cadillac SUV collided

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Morning commutes will be disrupted for many people across the Valley Tuesday because of a crash Monday on Interstate 680.

I-680 is closed in both directions between State Route 711 and U.S. 62. After the crash happened Monday afternoon, it was estimated the road would stay closed for 48 hours.

Other closures include:

  • I-680 SB Belle Vista ramp
  • I-680 NB at the Glenwood Avenue Exit
  • Route 711 exit for I-680 SB
  • Oakwood Ave. on-ramp to I-680
  • Mahoning Avenue bridge

It happened about 1:40 p.m. in the southbound lane of I-680, near the Glenwood Avenue exit.

A bridge on I-680 in Youngstown was damaged following a crash

A tractor-trailer and Cadillac SUV crashed.

The driver of the Cadillac, identified in a police report as Glen Tarpley, has been charged with failure to control and driving under a suspended license.

“For some reason, the semi-tractor behind me and the gray SUV collided on the road — why, we don’t know exactly yet — causing the load from the semi to come off and severely damage the Mahoning Avenue bridge,” said Youngstown Police Lt. William Ross.

The driver of the semi was carrying a steel coil that came loose and ended up in the northbound lane.

“I was going south on 680 and the car that wound up under my trailer was merging on. There was nobody in the left lane, so I moved over and I felt a little bump and it knocked me into the barrier here. Then I felt a big jerk, and I was fighting as hard as I could to maintain control of the truck and it stopped where it did,” Harold Kidder said.

Kidder has been driving for 19 years and didn’t realize what happened until he stopped and gained his composure, got out of his truck and saw the SUV under his trailer and the steel coil on the road.

“I’m a little shaken up but other than that, no injuries,” he said.

The driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital, but didn’t seem to be seriously hurt.

Kidder’s dog, Bailey, was also riding in the cab with him and was a little shaken up by the accident.

The Mahoning Avenue bridge overlooking the accident was damaged and is temporarily closed.

Mahoning Avenue overpass damage

“Once we make repairs to the underneath of it, we’re going to allow traffic to go under 680 once we feel it’s safe to do so,” said Ray Marsch, with the Ohio Department of Transportation. “The same thing above on Mahoning Avenue. Once we feel it’s safe for traffic to drive above it, we will reopen it for motorists.”

Preliminary observations by the Mahoning County Engineer’s Office did not see any sagging of the bridge.

They said ODOT bridges are made with a lot of safety redundancies, so taking out one pillar does not necessarily make the bridge unsafe.

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