Movies are back! Mercer County drive-in rebuilt after devastating storm damage last year

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TRANSFER, Pa. (WKBN) – Next month, one Mercer County drive-in will be able to host movies once again. Last year, a severe storm destroyed its screen.

Severe weather can leave devastating damage.

A Mercer County drive-in and the community were heartbroken after strong winds demolished the movie screen at the Reynolds Drive-In in Transfer.

It was a place where people could go during the early stage of the pandemic when everything was shut down.

But after 11 months, the Reynolds Drive-In is ready to have movies playing on the big screen once again.

The new screen was installed back in June. It has been a long journey for owners Peggy and Jeff Fiedler and Stephanie and Chet Davis.

“It was a challenge. It was a challenge, but it’s heartfelt that, you know, that everything went perfect so far and the screen was built,” Peggy said.

The owners bought the old drive-in property seven years ago.

“When we first bought it, we weren’t sure what we were going to do with it, but when COVID hit everybody, you know, not being able to go to the bars, not being able to go really anywhere, theaters. We were lucky enough to bring in the concerts and everybody just absolutely loved it,” Stephanie said.

The popularity never faded.

“Everybody is so excited. The support is unbelievable,” Peggy said.

While they rebuilt, the drive-in continued hosting concerts. They also opened a café for the first time.

The owners say that movies will start next weekend.

If you want to see the schedule or other events at the drive-in, you can follow the Reynolds Drive-In on Facebook.

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