One woman was arrested after police say she was caught trying to use a stolen driver’s license at a PNC Bank, the only problem was, the owner of the license was at the bank too.

Tareana Butler, 31, was arrested and charged with identity fraud and disorderly conduct.

According to a police report, on July 6, Butler went into the PNC Bank on Meridian and tried to cash a $400 check with another woman’s driver’s license.

The woman whose driver’s license it was happened to be inside the bank to change her accounts because her wallet had been stolen, which contained her driver’s license and bank cards.

When the bank teller realized Butler was using a stolen ID, she walked over and alerted the owner of the wallet and called police, according to a report. 

When police arrived, they say Butler was running from the bank and the other woman was chasing after her. Police say Butler ran to a car that was parked at Auto Zone and tried to take off, but the other woman was able to grab her keys from the ignition allowing police to then block her vehicle. 

Police say another woman was in the car, but took off running when she saw police coming.