Police say they were called to a home after two women fought over purchases made on Amazon and an infant was thrown twice.

Youngstown Police Department says they went to a home on the 900 block of Dryden Ave. for reports of a fight on Saturday around 9 a.m.

They say when they arrived they found a woman holding her grandchild. 

Officers say there was an argument between the woman’s two daughters. 

Police say Erin Johnson, 32, was holding the baby during the argument. When she became frustrated, they say she threw the baby onto the couch. She picked up the infant and threw it a second time.

Officers say Johnson rambled about how she is blamed for everything. They say she told them she suffers from postpartum and needs to, “see someone.”

They say she couldn’t carry a conversation and was emotional.

Johnson is charged with child endangering.

The infant was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Johnson did not show up to court on Monday — there is now a warrant out for her arrest.