NORTH JACKSON, Ohio (WKBN) – It was an unusual night Tuesday for local law enforcement, to say the least. Body camera and dashboard video from that evening show horses that wandered onto Mahoning Avenue.

The horses escaped from a farm in North Jackson and were found wandering in the road near Carter Lumber on Mahoning Avenue.

Voice of deputy: “We got troopers and some civilians…entrance of Carter Lumber…four horses.”

As more deputies raced to the scene, police drove through the area trying to find the horses with their spotlights. Elsewhere along Mahoning Avenue, some of the animals did get hit by cars. Four of them ultimately died or had to be euthanized because of their injuries.

The crashes also sent two people to area hospitals.

Voice on radio: “Grab your cruiser. Come down in front of Carter Lumber. We’re gonna try to block that area off.”

Deputies and troopers used their vehicles to keep the horses from getting away again while trying to keep the animals calm. Then, a neighbor walked up saying he had one.

Voice of deputy: “You got one in your yard?”
Neighbor: “He ran all the way to 45, and I’m like the third house on the right.”

Minutes later, a trooper arrived to look for the animal.

Voice of dispatcher: “There is an individual from the rescue for the animals. I believe she’s headed to 1330’s location now.”

Before long, the trooper walked the horse out to the road and kept it moving until a trailer arrived. Once loaded up, the surviving animals were taken back to their farm.