NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Two men are facing charges in connection to the theft of a catalytic converter from a Niles business.

We’ve seen a lot of these thefts recently. Police and the business, in this case, say a surveillance system helped them find their suspects.

Police body camera video captures the moment Niles officers encountered two men accused of being involved in the theft of a catalytic converter from an ambulance at Penn Care on North Road.

The video even showed officers locating the cut converter near where the two were walking.

Both men, now identified as Robert Cherry and David Zadai are in jail on $100,000 bond facing several charges including felony vandalism.

‘It’s a significant cost every time they take a catalytic converter. I’m glad that we were able to get the two suspects apprehended,” said Taylor Pease, vice president of Penn Care.

Police were quickly tipped off to the case thanks to the company’s security system, which investigators say captured the two men in the act and alerted an employee who then called 911.

This particular business, which sells ambulances, has been the victim of catalytic converter thefts on three separate occasions in the last 18 months. They’ve taken steps to enhance their security.

“They are very particular and conscientious about their security, and the security systems there have helped us a couple of times interrupt the theft. Not necessarily stop it before it happened but at least apprehend the people that were responsible,” said Captain John Marshall.

Pease said any business with a fleet of vehicles is at risk.

“The trade and value of the precious metals within the catalytic converters is extremely high, and when there is an opportunity to make quick money, people are going to take it,” Pease said.

Zadai and Cherry are due back in court next week.