BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Boardman Police have released more details about their search for a credit union robbery suspect.

Wednesday morning a man wearing a black hoody, black sweatpants, a head covering and mask went into 717 Credit Union on California Avenue and passed the teller a note stating, “Give me $5,000 dollars the money or your life,” according to a police report. He also gestured to his pocket as if he had a weapon.

The teller complied and began giving the suspect money, but he demanded, “more, more,” before reaching into the cash drawer and grabbing it himself, according to a police report.

Reports initially stated the man left with the money and possibly got into a white Cadillac sedan. But later, reports say the theory of the white Cadillac was ruled out and they believe the suspect got away on foot.

One witness told police they saw a man matching the suspect’s description run through the mall’s parking lot and get on a WRTA bus.

Police conducted a traffic stop on a WRTA bus. Multiple police cars converged around the bus. When officers entered the bus, they ordered everyone to put their hands in the air.

According to the report, a man was sitting in the back of the bus matching the description, sitting with another man. Police drew their guns and ordered the men off the bus.

Both men were detained in police cars. However, neither could not be identified by witnesses as the suspect. Neither of the men was wearing black sweatpants or a head covering as well. They were both released.

Columbiana police and FBI agents assisted as police further investigated. It was later found that an off-duty Mahoning County Sheriff’s deputy possibly witnessed the suspect exit the credit union and took off south into a wooded area toward Southern Blvd.

As of now, no arrest has been made and police are still searching for the suspect.