Police strike down on CBD oil sales in the Valley

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As interest continues to grow in the use of products containing CBD oil, law enforcement agencies like the Austintown police department are stressing that it is illegal to use in Ohio.

Police departments across the area have been visiting smoking and vaping shops, health food stores and pharmacies to remind owners that selling products containing cannibidiol is illegal without a permit. This is the case despite marijuana dispensaries popping up around the state.

“CBD oil is not legal. However, very shortly it may be due to House Bill 57, which just passed through the Senate in the state. If it is legal, it will become regulated and then vendors will be able to sell it through their stores,” said Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene.

It can be confusing that, while medical marijuana is legal in the state, sales of CBD oil are still against the law. 

“We get phone calls to this day, people still coming in, which is a good thing,” said business owner Chad Williams.

Williams had been selling CBD oil at his health store in Boardman until he was visited by police earlier this year. Police gave Williams a couple weeks to stop selling the product.

“Sold through what we had pretty much, and the company that we bought it from works with us and agreed to return some of it,” Williams said. 

Williams said if he had not sold it, his business would have been in the minority. Now, Williams sells a non-hemp version and hemp oil, which he claims are not illegal. 

In the meantime, he is waiting for new legislation to legalize CBD oil sales. He said it does provide pain relief for his customers.

“With the situation with pain medications and now you can’t get narcotics like you used to, I mean, it’s a real option for a lot of people.”

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