GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) – A police standoff at a home in Girard involving an elderly woman and a child led to one man’s arrest early Sunday morning.

Around 8:30 p.m. Saturday night, Girard Police got a call for a physical domestic dispute with weapons.

Girard police told our reporter on scene there was a female in the yard on the phone arguing with suspect Jaquane Peavy who was still in the house.

It happened on the 200 block of Prospect Street in Girard. A report states the fight started after a two-day long cocaine binge led to Peavy beating the victim.

Police say the reason for the argument is that the female’s elderly mother with dementia was upstairs in the back bedroom.

The female and her 6-year-old son were taken to a safe location and a perimeter was set up around the house.

Sergeant Joshua Merrill with Girard Police Department says they have been to the home before.

“We actually have a warrant for domestic violence on him from the past, this is going to turn into another one and obviously some other charges following tonight’s incident,” said Sergeant Merrill.

When Sergeant Merrill’s team was unable to make vocal contact with the elderly woman in the home, they reached out to the crisis response team.

Commander John Elberty with the crisis response team said their main goal was to get the elderly female out of the house. They were concerned that she was a potential hostage.

She was safely found and taken to receive medical treatment.

Commander Elberty says they believed Peavy was in the attic. Three to four chemical munitions were deployed but were unsuccessful.

The team then checked the apartment next door because they believed Peavy had access to both sides of the duplex. When they searched the other side, they found insulation on the floor.

“Liberty’s canine came in and when they let the dog search the part that we didn’t have eyes on yet, it actually did an alert on a cubby hole that was closed off but there was insulation in front of it, so we just made a bunch of verbal commands. He didn’t respond to anything and then we ended up opening up the cubby hole and he was there and then he gave up,” said Commander Elberty.

Peavy surrendered peacefully around 1:30 a.m. The victim had severe bruising and a bloody nose from the fight.

Additional charges are pending.