YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Youngstown Police Department is still actively searching for Mohamand Harris after he escaped custody at Mercy Health St. Elizabeth’s Sunday.

Harris was taken into custody for domestic violence. However, police took him to the hospital because of an injury prior to taking him to the Mahoning County Jail.

Police said they did chase Harris, however, he did get away from the officers.

He was seen running east towards Youngstown State University and has been sighted in a few different areas around Wick Park.

According to an alert sent out by YSU, Harris is 6’1,” Black, and wearing jeans but no shirt or shoes. He has short curly hair and is handcuffed in the front.

If anyone sees him, police advise to call 911.

“No one in the community should ever approach someone who’s an escapee from a crime, regardless of what that crime is. So certainly call the Youngstown Police Department, 911, Mercy Health, whoever you can get a hold of to apprehend him,” said Captain Jason Simon.

YPD said it’s working closely with the YSU police department as well because it’s in close proximity to the campus.