WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — A Warren woman was charged after police said she spit on an officer and tried to escape a patrol car during her arrest.

Warren police arrested Alaisha Talbert, 20, on two warrants after an officer observed her turn without coming to a stop at around 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

Officers said Talbert jumped out of the car at the traffic stop and retrieved her 2-year-old child from the front seat of the car, who officers said was only wearing a seat belt.

The report stated Talbert repeatedly gave officers a false name and eventually told them her name. The officer arrested her on two warrants for traffic charges.

The father of the child was able to go to the scene and get the child, according to the report.

Talbert told police she needed to spit and the officer told her she could spit through the bars of the police vehicle windows if needed and she said no, according to the report.

Once handcuffed, officers said she became belligerent and yelled obscenities and kicked the partition of the vehicle and the bars on the windows.

Talbert slipped out of one of her handcuffs and began spitting all over the back of the car and at the officer, according to the report. Once at the Trumbull County Jail, the officer said Talbert said she wanted to assault him.

She was charged with harassment by an inmate and falsification.