YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A man and a woman were killed after a double shooting Tuesday on the west side.

The shootings give the city 22 homicides for the year and a total of 99 people shot overall. For all of 2020, Youngstown had 98 people shot.

Police said they are looking for a late model silver Kia Sportage with license plate JLU3363 in connection with the incident.

Officers were called just after 10 a.m. to a home behind a 1213 Salt Springs Road building where they found a woman in her late 40s had been shot to death and a man in his late 20s had been wounded.

Officers bagged some evidence in front of the house. A person was in a police cruiser sobbing and hysterical, pounding his fists on the side of the door. Later, the person shouted as detectives tried to calm him down, “I saw my mom dead! I saw my mom dead!”

  • Youngstown police officer Christopher Weibel Tuesday tapes off the crime scene on Salt Springs Road where a woman was killed and a man wounded following a shooting
  • Youngstown police officer Jennifer Hudson tapes off the crime scene Tuesday on Salt Springs Road where a woman was killed and a man wounded
  • Youngstown police Chief of Detectives Capt. Rod Foley, left, and Detective Sgt. George Wallace point something out at the scene of a shooting on Salt Springs Road that killed a woman and injured a man as Detective Sgt. Seann Carofolo joins them
  • Detectives, police and paramedics Tuesday confer at the front of a home behind a Salt Springs Road building where a woman was killed and a man wounded in a shooting just after 10 a.m.
  • Youngstown police Detective Sgt. Robert Gentile leans into a cruiser Tuesday to talk to a witness at a shooting on Salt Springs Road that left one person dead and one wounded. Pointing is Chief of Detectives Capt. Rod Foley while looking are Patrolman Joe Moran and Detective Sgt. Seann Carofolo
  • Youngstown police officer Joe Moran, left, carries a bag with evidence inside as a paramedic with American Medical Response ducks under the crime scene Tuesday after a double shooting in the 1200 block of Salt Springs Road that left a woman dead and a man injured

The wounded man was taken by ambulance to St. Elizabeth Health Center to be treated for his wounds. Police said he later died.

A person who lives across the street said he heard a pop like a gunshot and seconds later the man who was in the police cruiser ran onto the street yelling, “Somebody shot my brother!”

The man said when he went to call 911 he was told there were already three other callers about the shooting.

Sometimes there are fireworks in the neighborhood but not at 10 o’clock in the morning, he said, as another man behind him was drinking a beer.

“That definitely was a gunshot I heard, very vividly,” the man said.

Detective supervisor Lt. Ramon Cox said it was too early to determine the connection between the victims and the shooter. He said, however, that detectives do have a suspect.

The shootings now give the city 25 shootings this month, five of them fatally, including a 10-year-old girl last week. She was killed within a period that saw 11 people shot in just over 24 hours.

Cox acknowledged the increased shootings, as well as an officer shortage, has made it tough on police but he added they will not be deterred.

“The men and women of the Youngstown Police Department have been working through this and will see it through,” Cox said.

The 22 homicides the city has this year is three more than the city had at this time last year, a year that saw 28 homicides total, with 27 of those homicides caused by gunfire.

This month has seen more people than any month since October, when 19 people were shot. Last year at this time 60 people had been shot.

The shootings are just a block and a half away from a mass shooting early May 23 that killed two people and wounded three others at a local bar. The father of one of the victims was on hand today as police processed the crime scene.

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