LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN)- Police arrested a Salem man Monday in Liberty Township after officers say he harassed employees and customers at a restaurant and motel.

Reports said that police were called to a motel on the 4200 block of Belmont Avenue around 3:15 p.m.

Officers said that they saw the suspect standing outside of a black colored hearse yelling profanities at them to try to get their attention. Reports said that he told officers that he was a part of the federal government.

Officers then spoke to employees of the hotel, who said that the suspect claimed he was a member of the Secret Service.

After being ordered to not get back in the hearse, reports said the man entered the vehicle and drove off before he was stopped by police. Reports said he told officers that he was “with the federal government a*****,” as he was being arrested.

A clerk from the hotel told police that the suspect was inside the restaurant harassing employees and customers and stating he was with the mafia and that he would take over. Reports said he ordered the clerk to lock the door and to not do anything until they received a phone call.

As the suspect was being arrested, reports said that he said, “We won the war today, guys.” Reports said that the suspect also stated that he would have the Marine Corps bomb Liberty. He also said that he was a four-star general, a federal agent and that he was the spotter for Chris Kyle.

Police said that no alive or deceased people were found inside the hearse.

The suspect was charged with inducing panic, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and impersonating a peace officer. He was scheduled for arraignment Tuesday.