Police: Man climbs Columbiana electric tower, falls 25 feet, says Allah put him there

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COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – A Farrell man is in jail after getting into an electrical substation in Columbiana and surviving a fall.

Police were called this morning around 5 a.m. to find Romeo Jackson, Jr. at the city’s south substation.

Romeo Jackson, Columbiana

Jackson is actually the one who called police, saying he was trapped inside.

Columbiana Police Chief Tim Gladis said with how much electricity is flowing through that restricted area, Jackson is lucky to be alive.

Officers say they tried negotiating with Jackson. That’s when he said “Allah” put him there. Then, he began to climb the tower.

“We asked him how he got in there, and he said that Allah had sent him and he was acting on the wishes of Allah. He wouldn’t answer any specific questions,” Gladis said.

He then fell down the tower — about 25 feet. He told officers that Allah told him to go to his knees.

That’s when officers arrested him. 

The substation supplies power to the city of Columbiana. Gladis said Jackson is lucky that he didn’t get electrocuted.

“That’s a lot of voltage and a lot of juice there, and it would have just basically vaporized him,” he said. “He’s very lucky.” 

Jackson was taken to Saint Elizabeth’s Health Center, but he had no major injuries. 

Police are charging him with criminal trespassing. Other charges are pending. 

Gladis said no one should be in such a dangerous place. That’s why it’s restricted.

“We don’t even go in there because we don’t know what’s safe and what’s not,” he said. 

Gladis said he talked with Jackson’s aunt. He said she was surprised to hear about Jackson’s reference to Allah because he had been a practicing Christian.

The incident didn’t cause any power outages.

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