MERCER, Pa. (WKBN)- Police in Mercer are trying to find a snake they say escaped from a home over the weekend.

Officers said that the snake escaped from the 200 block of North Pitt Street in Mercer. Mercer County humane agent Paul Tobin said that the snake named Steve escaped through a screen on a balcony door.

Police said that the snake is a six-foot-long Columbian Boa Constrictor that is not venomous. The owner said that the snake last ate on Monday, September 5.

Snake from Jarrett Magee
Courtesy: Jarrett Magee

The owner advised that the snake can go 2-4 weeks without food and that it has a diet of frozen, reheated rats.

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The owner is offering a $200 for the snake to be returned to them safely.

Anyone with information on the snake should contact the Mercer Police Department.