HERMITAGE, Pa. (WKBN)- Two Subway employees have turned themselves in after a bomb threat that forced the Hermitage Walmart location to temporarily shut down operations on June 15.

Hermitage Police Chief Eric Jewell said that both Peter Pope, 43, of West Middlesex, and Skye Bowser, 19, of Hermitage have turned themselves in on charges of threatening of weapons of mass destruction, terroristic threats, and criminal conspiracy

Jewell said that employees told officers that messages insinuating bomb threats could be read in both of the front men’s and women’s restrooms. Officers shut down the store for three hours.

During the investigation, a source who was interviewed on June 17 provided information that was confirmed by video footage, according to chief Jewell. Pope and Bowser were then interviewed by police on June 20.

The manager of the store, Pope, denied the accusations, according to police. Bowser confessed to police, saying that Pope wanted to leave work early that day.

“These crimes are felony crimes that can cause series public alarms. False bomb threats are serious crimes that have serious consequences that impact the retail stores and community at large,” Jewell said.

Jewell said that the employees turned themselves in to Judge Mary Odem. Pope and Bowser both did not post bail. They are both in the Mercer County Jail.