CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN)- Police said they arrested a Youngstown man Saturday night after he asked officers to stun him with a stun gun.

Campbell Police were called to the parking lot of the Campbell Water Department on Wilson Avenue. Officers noticed Gregory McGeorge, 58, weaving over the center line on Wilson Avenue and initiated a traffic stop.

Police noticed a bottle of vodka on McGeorge’s passenger side floor. Officers then got McGeorge out of the vehicle and held him back from going into traffic. McGeorge resisted getting into the cruiser, telling police that he had to talk to his attorney before he could take any sobriety tests.

Reports said that McGeorge would not sit in the cruiser and officers stunned him with a stun gun in the left leg. After asking officers if that’s all they had, officers stunned him again in his left leg. After this officers said that he still wasn’t complying.

Reports said that officers then stunned McGeorge in the right leg and he yelled out that he would comply. Reports said that he pushed and threatened to strike an officer.

When officers took McGeorge to the Mahoning County Jail, reports said that he became vulgar and broke the locking mechanism off the cell door. Officers said that he then pulled trim off the wall and was slamming a phone.

McGeorge is charged with resisting arrest, two counts of vandalism in a government building, OVI, driving under suspension, expired registration, and marked lanes. He is in the Mahoning County Jail.