YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Police are investigating after several reports of gunfire throughout the city late Wednesday night.

The call came in to police just before 11 p.m. on reports of gunfire in the Cottage Grove area. Officers told us there were roughly 20 rounds fired. Police believe suspects in vehicles on Boston Avenue may have been shooting at each other.

At the same time, a house was hit by gunfire on Douglas Avenue. Police initially believed that it was caught in crossfire when it was hit with over 30 bullets the night before, but after it was hit again, investigators said the shooters may have been targeting the house for some reason.

“There are certainly instances where someone, a young child, brother sister, husband, wife, son or daughter, has been killed by gunfire and we don’t want it to come to the point where that’s happening again. We’ve been fortunate that that hasn’t happened. No one has ben injured yet. And we wanna get these folks and these guns off the streets before that does become a reality,” said Captain Jason Simon from YPD.

Police are increasing patrols in the area to catch the possible suspects, according to the report.

“You’re going to be caught and I would just say consider whatever the grievance is you have against the folks in this house or you believe may be at that house or believe maybe hanging out with the folks at that house…try to find a different resolution than shooting up the house. We’ve seen it all too well in this city,” said Captain Simon.

There have also been reports of gunfire in multiple locations in Campbell around the same time.

Police say no one was injured and say the new incidents are not related.

Anyone with tips can call YPD with any information.

Noelle Haynes contributed to this report.