LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) — A child patient at a local behavioral health hospital told emergency room nurses he was assaulted by another patient at the facility. Now police are looking into what exactly happened.

Liberty Police are investigating an assault at Belmont Pines Hospital after a child patient was taken to the emergency room Monday night.

A call to the Trumbull County 911 Center from a nurse at Akron Children’s Hospital is revealing a little more detail about what happened.

Caller: The child says that another resident at the facility um dragged him down the hall and like he hit his head and stuff on like a table or like a basket of something.

The nurse told dispatchers the 9-year-old boy was covered in bruises plus had a laceration and large hematoma on his head.

The nurse also said the emergency room staff wasn’t getting much information from the staff that brought the child in.

Caller: They’re not telling us anything, the child is the one that’s reporting it.
Dispatcher: Oh that’s odd.
Caller: At first when asked like where they were from they said they were from a group home and then when they were asked a second time they told us they were from Belmont Pines.

In a statement, Belmont Pines CEO Kathleen Stein said:

The care and safety of our patients is our top priority. Due to HIPAA patient privacy laws, I cannot offer comment on specific patients/residents in our care. We are reviewing the incident referenced to determine if there are any changes/improvements we should make to our facility procedures. Belmont Pines Hospital is the largest freestanding behavioral health hospital for children and adolescents in northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania. We are committed to providing high quality treatment and care to individuals with special, and often complex, mental health needs.