Editor’s Note: The following contains mild graphic imagery that may not be suitable for all. Please proceed with caution.

WEATHERSFIELD TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – Police in Weathersfield Township are investigating after a dog was reportedly shot in the face.

According to a police report, a woman checked on her dog Kenda who was tied up outside around 9 p.m. Thursday. The woman said Kenda was fine and sitting on her front porch. Then, about 10 minutes later, she heard a gunshot.

The woman told police when she went outside she found Kenda off of his chain and lying in the yard. She noticed he was shot in its face.

The woman picked Kenda up and took him back to the porch. She told officers she never heard the dog bark at anyone and doesn’t believe anyone could have gotten close enough to take the chain off.

Neighbors told police they heard a gunshot but didn’t see anyone in the area.

Kenda was taken to the Akron Animal Hospital, and the Healthy Hearts and Paws Project is helping to cover the medical costs.

X-Rays showed that the bullet traveled through Kenda’s neck, hit and collapsed his lung and rested in his chest cavity. The bullet missed his heart and did not hit any major vessels.

Kenda will need surgery to treat the collapsed lung. The bullet cannot be removed.