WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Officers responded to a fire at a vacant house in Warren early Friday morning.

It’s located on Parkman Road near Summit Street. Dispatchers were told it smelled like gas.

“What’s your emergency?” a dispatcher said.

“There is a house on fire on Parkman Road, and it smells like gas so bad,” the caller said.

The fire is still under investigation; however, they do believe that it is arson.

Warren Councilman Ronald White says he sees people coming in and out of the vacant home frequently.

“Watching these people go in and out — sometimes in the middle of the night — there’s really nothing else you can do except board it up, but again, it was on the list to be boarded up, but the fact is that eventually this was going to happen,” White said.

While police were on scene, they arrested Brittany Shook on a warrant.

Police say Shook is a squatter and often stays at 821 Parkman.

Shook told police that she, along with another man, were in the house before it caught on fire. Police say there is no connection between the suspected arson and Shook.

The fire remains under investigation, and no charges have been filed.