CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — Police investigated the complaint of a man exposing himself to a drug store employee.

On July 9, police received a call from an employee at the CVS on E Main Street in Canfield.

According to the report, the employee was working the front register when a man approached her station wearing dark sunglasses and an oversized t-shirt and was buying a bottle of shampoo.

While the employee was cashing out, the man lifted his shirt, exposing an open zipper and his penis, the employee reported in the statement. She continued the transaction, saying nothing.

According to the report, the man paid in cash and left without further incident.

The report states when the officer arrived to the scene, a second employee showed them security footage of the incident.

The report states the footage shows the man approaching the first employee’s register with his shirt pulled down to his thighs. At one point, he pulls up his shirt to reach his wallet in his pocket.

“It is difficult to see his exposed penis from the footage, but victim is positive that it was ‘hanging right out there,'” states the report.

In the footage, reads the report, no one confronted the man.

Police were not able to identify the man or vehicle he was driving.