GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Police were called to investigate a report that a construction worker was hit by a vehicle in Girard on Tuesday.

The worker told police that he was working in the area of Trumbull and Clermont avenues when he saw a vehicle that had previously gone through a red light. He said the same vehicle went through a red light again as it traveled westbound on Trumbull Avenue.

The worker said the vehicle then swerved into an area that had been blocked by cones as another vehicle traveling eastbound had the right of way. He said the vehicle started dragging a traffic cone with it, so he ran out into the roadway to get the driver to stop, according to a police report.

The worker alleged that the driver of the vehicle continued, however, hitting his legs and causing him to fall onto the hood of the vehicle. He said he was holding a shovel at the time, causing damage to the hood of the car.

Police noted that the vehicle involved did have damage to its hood.

An officer spoke to the driver, who denied hitting the cone or worker.

He said the worker intentionally hit his vehicle with the shovel because he was upset that he had driven into the area that had been blocked by cones. He admitted that he drove through a red light but said he did so because no one was moving and he didn’t see anyone, according to the report.

He said the worker had jumped in front of his vehicle and began screaming that he was going to run them over, before hitting his vehicle with a shovel.

Charges haven’t been filed for the incident involving the worker.