Police conduct warrant sweep in Columbiana County

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Officers searched for about 50 people with active arrest warrants in Columbiana County

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – Police from several agencies in Columbiana County went on an arrest sweep Thursday in the southern part of the county.

Working in teams, officers, sheriff’s deputies and probation officers combed the area armed with arrest warrants.

“We have four teams and we get broken down into four areas,” said East Liverpool Police Chief John Lane. “We go out and serve those warrants.”

Starting with a list of close to 50 offenders, police said while many of the warrants are for drug possession cases, some had violent felonies.

At one point, a team surrounded a house in Liverpool Township, looking for Curtis Holland on an aggravated burglary warrant.

Although Holland refused to come out initially, officers found the owner of the house, who gave them permission to go in. They pulled out their rifles and opened the side door, yelling for him to surrender.

Moments later, Holland was being walked to a cruiser for a trip to the police station — the teamwork paying off.

“Anytime we can get together with other departments and try to get these people off the street, that’s what we’re going to do,” said Chief Deputy Kip Dowling.

Police said neighbors provide valuable information as well.

“The collaboration we get with the community because they’re tired of this,” said East Liverpool Police Officer Randy Schneider. “They’re done. They don’t want these people in their neighborhoods. They want the drugs out, they want the violence out.”

While anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call police, Lane said there’s an easier way for many of these cases to be resolved.

“Some of them are just fines. They turn themselves in, and get the fines taken care of and be done with.”

The alternative is likely to mean time in jail.

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