Police conduct crackdown in Liberty hotel district

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A Criminal Patrol Interdiction happened on Friday, May 7 in response to increased violence and drug arrests

LIBERTY TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – Liberty police are being proactive in their efforts to prevent crime by utilizing a specialized criminal patrol operation in the hotel district.

The operations are to combat the high volume of calls involving the illegal distribution and possession of drugs, firearms, prostitution, assaults and wanted fugitives.

“The interdiction patrols are designed to eradicate the narcotic dealers and wanted fugitives who check in to our hotels for the purpose of delivering or selling narcotics or committing various other crimes,” Liberty officials wrote.

“We are doing our best to combat this crime,” said Liberty Ptlm. Jim Marco.

Over the weekend, Liberty police conducted a department-wide effort focusing on the areas around the township’s hotels and motels.

“We have been very busy over there recently, plenty of calls coming in in relation to drugs, fights, violent fugitives being residents at these hotels,” Marco said.

Even though officers patrol these areas daily.

Police say Friday’s focused efforts were a success and resulted in 93 police actions:

  • 41 traffic stops/subject encounters
  • 27 traffic/criminal citations issued
  • 11 towed vehicles
  • 7 drug-related offenses
  • 4 wanted fugitives arrested
  • 2 firearms recovered
  • 1 stolen car recovered

“By us being proactive in that area, it’s showing a presence and zero tolerance on crime as far as firearms, narcotics and prostitution goes,” Marco said. “We have a number of restaurants, gas stations, businesses within the hotel district that could be affected by the criminals who interact with the hotels.”

Marco says they’re able to conduct patrols like this thanks to their current manpower, which is the highest it has been in more than a decade.

“We’re able to thank the trustees and the chief of police for giving us the opportunity to have this manpower to conduct these operations to ensure the safety for our residents,” Marco said.

Investigators say these new patrols will continue.

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