BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Boardman Police Department received reports about several car break-ins in the parking lot of the Southern Park Mall.

According to a police report, police were called to the area of Steel Valley Brew Works for a car with a broken window on Thursday. During their investigation of this incident, officers were also called to the area of Planet Fitness where three different cars had broken windows.

Reports said police were called to the Steel Valley Brew Works around 5:30 p.m. The owner of the vehicle told police that when she returned to her vehicle, she noticed that the right passenger side window was broken.

Mall security obtained footage of another vehicle that was parked next to the damaged vehicle. After that vehicle pulled away, police observed that the car’s window was broken.

Police said one of the vehicles at Planet Fitness had a broken driver’s side window. The owner of the vehicle told police that two gym bags with clothing were stolen, as well as beef jerky. Police also found open fitness supplements on the ground. Police collected the supplement container for evidence.

Another person told police that the passenger side car window of their vehicle was broken into near Planet Fitness. Police said that it did not appear that anything was stolen from inside.

Officers also found that another vehicle was broken into in the area, with the right passenger side door being damaged. Police said that soccer attire, track shoes and a small computer were stolen from the vehicle.

Police also said that several vehicles were damaged in the parking lot of BJ’s Brewhouse. Police said all vehicles were photographed and that it appeared that a sharp object or screwdriver was used to mark the vehicles.