Police: Card skimmer found at Sharon gas station

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Skimmers can read a customer's credit card information and send them to scammers

SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – Police in Sharon want you to be extra cautious after a credit card skimmer was discovered at a local gas station.

A routine state inspection uncovered an illegal device when a card skimmer was hidden inside a gas pump at the Sunoco Quick Mart in Sharon. It was attached to one of the pump’s card readers.

“He opened that gas pump and he saw something. He came in and he talked about that… ‘Hey, you got this.’ I’m like, really? That was shocking to me,” said Sunoco employee Sunil Patel.

Police Chief Edward Stabile says at this time, it is unknown how long the device was on the card reader.

Everyone who recently bought gas at the E. State Street gas station should watch their bank and credit card accounts for any fraudulent activity.

Here’s how these credit card skimmers work. Thieves will come along and they’ll put a device deep inside the gas pump that no one knows is there, especially not the store owners. When you come along and put your credit card in the slot, they get all the information they need to steal your money.

Area residents say they’ve heard about credit card skimmers before, but were surprised one was found nearby.

“They are so hard to detect and so easy to put in place, so you hear about them all the time,” said Melissa Such, of Hermitage.

Such says she’s careful about using her cards, especially at the pump.

“Typically, I’ll look for a sticker on the machine, it’s like a tamper evidence sticker,” she said.

Such also says she makes sure her cards don’t feel like they are too loose or too tight in the machine.

Patel says he’s going to get his pumps upgraded as soon as he can.

“I am going to call my Sunoco company and they will come down and they can seal that so nobody can open it,” Patel said.

If you suspect a pump has been tampered with, police say to tell the store owner immediately.

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