Police arrest arson suspect during investigation of fire

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Regina Jones

A woman faces criminal trespass charges after an investigation of arson in Youngstown.

Police arrested Regina Jones, 44, in the driveway of a home in the 1300 block of Grandview Ave. on Friday night.

Police said Jones had been warned not to return to the property during their investigation, but she did so anyway.

Neighbors told police that Jones had been standing near the corner of the house, lighting a pile of paper on fire in an attempt to set fire to the house. A person reported that Jones could be heard yelling that she would “light the house on fire and that she didn’t care and would confess to doing it.” 

Police said after the initial fire went out, Jones reportedly began yelling that she was going to get gasoline before speeding off in her white BMW. 

Police reported finding a pile of burned papers where witnesses said Jones was attempting to start the fire. 

Police said after asking Jones why she returned to the property, she told them that it was her home and she could sit in the driveway if she wanted to. 

Jones has not been charged with arson at this time. 

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