Police and Hubbard Twp. trustees at standstill in contract negotiations

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Township officials have said they're running out of money

HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) — Time is running out in Hubbard Township. Trustees and the police union there still have no deal.

Hubbard Township administrators and the police union are at a standstill when it comes to their negotiations as the clock winds down on their current contract.

Outside the township administration building, a small show of support Monday from taxpayers and family members of Hubbard Township police officers.

“It just seems like all of a sudden they pulled the rug out from underneath him and now he’s struggling for his livelihood,” said father of an officer, Bill Droste.

Union representatives with FOP Lodge 85 and trustees met for another negotiation session Monday morning, however, they were unable to come to an agreement.

“I can tell you that um we would wish that maybe it would have went a different way, I’m not gonna elaborate on it,” said Rick Hernandez, Hubbard Twp. trustee.

“A fact finder will be brought in, they’ll look at everything and then they’ll make the decision as far as what happens with the contract,” said Christopher Gifford, president of FOP Lodge 85.

Township officials have said they’re running out of money.

Even with levy dollars starting to come in, it won’t be enough to keep the department going.

“We passed the levy, everybody got out and voted for the levy and now this is still the position that we’re in,” said Molly begeot of Hubbard Twp.

At a meeting last week, trustees told residents if both parties can’t come to an agreement, they have a backup plan with the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office for police protection come Jan. 1.

On Monday, they said they’re looking into all their options and plan to schedule a town hall meeting to answer questions from the public.

“I can’t tell you for sure, there could be decisions made in advance but they will have the opportunity to ask the questions as to why and we will divulge all information everything will be out in the open and on the table,” said Hernandez.

The contract expires on Dec. 31.

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