POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – Poland’s Kristin Fox is back home with her husband and two kids. She was hospitalized with the flu March 9 and later got a severe infection that resulted in the amputation of her arms and legs.

Accompanied by a police escort, Kristin returned home after 102 days in the hospital.

One by one, the 20 people who showed up to greet her approached her for a hug. Most of them were crying.

“Thank you for everything you did with my kids, praying for me, helping me, cleaning my house this week,” Kristin told them.

She sat in the driveway and talked about what she went through, giving a lot of credit to the therapists at UPMC in Pittsburgh.

“I walked in there. I couldn’t sit up and I’m sitting up on my own, getting in my chair on my own and that’s just total credit to UPMC.”

Kristin will be getting her electric hands next week.

“I’m so excited,” she said. “Then I’ll get my legs and six months or so, start running the streets again.”

Kristin wanted to see the backyard and family pool, but getting her there required a makeshift ramp. So one was fashioned and she rolled her way onto the patio.

“It’s hard to complain about anything in life for what she’s gone through,” said Mike Fox, Kristin’s husband. “We’re happy to have her home.”

Kristin’s brother, Patrick Birch, gave the champagne toast. Even Kristin took a sip and let everyone know how she felt to be home.

Thursday was just another step in her recovery but her plan is aggressive.

Kristin is the assistant principal at Campbell High School and she plans to go back.

“I would like to be there by September, October,” she said. “Mr. Bowen is making that happen. He’s including me in online meetings now and I will be back there to greet my students by September.”

The ramp leading to the back door of Kristin’s house was just built Thursday, taking her home and into her new normal.