POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – The Poland Girls Golf Team has a special connection this year: there are three sets of sisters on the team.

“It’s very rare for that to happen,” said Macey Kapics, one of the sisters on the Poland golf team.

The older sisters, Nina Gordon, Kylie Kapics and Katelynn Roberts, are all seniors and the younger sisters, Lila Gordon, Macey Kapics and Isabella Roberts, are all freshmen.

“It’s nice to have someone that I can be a leader to. I feel like that’s always a good feeling,” Nina said.

“It’s nice to have someone for help and to look up to that, you know? You can ask for tips on golfing and just to have someone on the team that drives you around and is always by you and with you that you know well,” Lila said.

Golf is a passion many of the girls took up at a young age.

“My grandpa played, my grandma played and I just started enjoying it from the first day and I stuck with it until now,” Katelynn said.

But this situation is also a first for many of them.

“It’s very special because we never really get to do sports together, so this is the first one we’ve ever been able to do together,” Kylie said.

And certainly a first for the team according to Joe Colella, who has been the Poland girls’ golf coach for the last 10 years.

“When you have the older ones who have experienced this for the past three years, they bring a lot to the table and can teach their younger sisters what it’s about and everything. I think that’s huge for them,” Colella said.

“Very special. I get to ask her questions,” Isabella said.

The girls’ next home match is against Lakeview at Mill Creek on Tuesday.