POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – As the war in Israel intensifies a local woman has even more reason to be paying attention as several of her family members live there.

Lark Dickstein-Rienerth lives in Poland. Her son Jacob, her daughter-in-law and her four grandchildren live in Israel.

“He became an Israeli citizen probably 13 years ago,” said Dickstein-Rienerth. “My son is very committed to, and my daughter-in-law, to stay there.”

Dickstein-Rienerth’s son is a physician and a reservist with the Israeli defense force. After this month’s attack, he was called for duty. The family lives in Binyamina, which is about halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa near the Mediterranean coast.

Although her grandchildren are now back in school, Dickstein-Rienerth was all set to fly over there to help with the kids.

“I think it would be my duty, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t do everything I could,” said Dickstein-Rienerth.

Right now, that means waiting for calls or texts from Jacob or his wife.

“I’m trying not to be the bothersome parent, but I just need to know that they’re doing okay,” said Dickstein-Rienerth.

She says when she heard there might have been a way for the family to leave Israel, her son refused.

“Our place is here and we need to stay and help wherever we can,” said Dickstein-Rienerth, reading a note from her son. “None of us is in any grave danger and we cannot run away now.”

While Dickstein-Rienerth did not want to weigh in on the politics behind the fighting, she said she is thankful to all who have offered their prayers and support for her and her family. She said she would just ask that people continue to do that for the people who are in that situation.