POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — A Poland Halloween favorite got such an overwhelming response this year that they’re looking for a new location.

The video above is from Ty’s Pumpkin Walk this year. Creator Tyler Hanes said they had about 10,000 visitors, blowing previous years out of the water. He had to shut down the free Halloween display because of traffic issues.

Next year, he’s looking for a bigger indoor venue so even more people can enjoy his creation.
Hanes says he’s so grateful for the outpouring of community support.

“Completely overwhelming,” Hanes said. “The support means everything. It’s the only thing that keeps us going. And the fact that we can raise money for very important organizations, is it? It’s just the extra little bonus on top of the cake.”

This year, all donations go to the Squeaky Wheel Theatre Company’s special needs program.
They’ll present a check and reveal the amount on Dec. 15.