POLAND, Ohio (KWBN) – Steeples are eye-catching. They were designed tall so people could find a church, and the sound of the bells ringing would travel farther.

The steeple of Poland United Methodist Church is getting a makeover. It’s obstructed by scaffolding because it’s being fixed. It’s still visible on any drive along Route 224.

“There’s that cross that kind of just comes in sight. It’s a reminder that this church is here in the community,” said Pastor Paul Turner.

The steeple has been standing since 1958. It rises 137 feet into the sky. Storms over the past three years have led to damage that needs to be repaired. The biggest problem was the cross at the top was swaying.

The church has never wavered, standing tall in ministry for over 180 years. A weekly Wednesday prayer breakfast has been held since 1962. It started during the Cuban missile crisis.

“The cross is important at the top of the steeple, but it’s really important to know that Jesus has grace and love is here for the world,” Turner said.

Turner is a second-generation preacher at Poland United Methodist. His father was a pastor years ago. They both sang the same song, which fits this situation.

“Here’s the church, here’s the steeple, you open the door and you see the people,” Turner sang.

Insurance is paying for the repairs. The church is blessed. The steeple situation is just a reminder of the church’s role.

“That we’d be visible and a symbol of His grace and love in the community, not just Poland, but the greater Youngstown-are as well,” Turner said.

There’s a bell hidden inside the steeple, which takes a lot of muscle to ring. And there’s also a cell phone tower. The tower was taken out for the repairs. It’s set up in the church parking lot and still provides service. It will be re-installed when repairs are done, possibly in three weeks.