POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – In the midst of COVID-19, Poland’s Kristin Fox has spent the past seven-and-a-half weeks hospitalized, fighting her own medical issues. What started as the flu ultimately left her a quadruple amputee.

“I’m getting stronger each day,” Fox said. “I’m trying every day to just keep fighting, and get home to my children, and get to therapy and start a new normal.”

The 39-year-old graduated from Springfield Local. She became an educator and is now the assistant principal at Campbell High School.

On March 9, Fox was admitted to St. Elizabeth’s with influenza A. She was tested for COVID-19 twice, but tested negative both times.

“I went to the doctor for A1 and ended up with double pneumonia, and strep, and staph and I woke up, and this is my life now,” Fox said.

She was on a ventilator and four different blood pressure medications, which ultimately saved her life, but there was no circulation in her arms or legs.

On March 27, Fox’s legs were amputated below her knees and on April 6, her arms were amputated below the elbows.

“It was pretty devastating,” said Lauren Baco, Fox’s sister. “But if there is anyone who can overcome this, it is my sister. She is the strongest person I know.”

“Something you think is very typical, the flu, turned into this host of other issues that now has kind of materialized into a life-altering situation that she’s in,” said Patrick Birch, Fox’s brother.

“I have to go get fitted for prosthetics on my legs and my arms, and go to physical therapy and I have to really strengthen my core,” Fox said.

She thanked a lot of people for helping out, especially Dr. Jason Delatore.

“He truly saved my life. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here. He told me more than once I shouldn’t be.”

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