Poland mother who lost limbs to flu complications tests out new prosthetic arms, hands

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Next are prosthetic legs, which should be ready in about eight weeks

POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – The Poland woman who had her arms and legs amputated after complications with the flu returned home on Thursday with new prosthetic arms and hands.

Kristin Fox demonstrated how she can now pick up a bottle and hold her Ohio State football autographed by coach Ryan Day.

She has myoelectric hands that allow her to operate them just by thinking about it.

Eventually, she hopes to be able to drive but for now, they allow her to be a better mother to her son and daughter.

“I’ve been able to mom but I can’t smack those butts a little bit and be a genuine mom to them. Today when I came home, their faces lit up, just to feel like they saw their mom again. They’re seven and nine and their world has been turned upside down, but they’ve also taken this challenge head-on. My daughter dresses me and did my makeup today and she’s seven. She did a pretty darn good job, I’m proud of her,” Fox said.

There’s even a special polish so she can paint her nails.

Next are prosthetic legs, which should be ready in about eight weeks. They will make Fox shorter, going from 5 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 6 inches, but they’re keeping her foot size the same so she can keep her shoe collection.

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