(WKBN) – There’s one less community tonight willing to help Boardman Township with ambulance service in non-emergency situations.

As of 7 a.m. Saturday, Canfield will no longer respond. Plus, on Friday, an official with the fire district that services Poland reiterated their ambulances cannot respond either.

In a recent email, officials with the fire district that services Canfield informed the Boardman trustees that because of a high volume of ambulance calls, Canfield could only help in mass casualty incidents.

Boardman has no ambulance service. It contracts with Lane Ambulances and uses surrounding communities as backups.

But now, Poland has joined Canfield and will not provide ambulance service to Boardman, either.

In a letter emailed on Friday to Boardman’s fire chief, the chairman of the fire district that covers Poland stated, “It has come to our attention that…you have adjusted your mutual aid ambulance procedure designating (Poland) as the first department to receive any requests.”

But 15 months ago, Poland informed Boardman it would “no longer respond” with “non-life threatening (ambulance) calls” and in the email reiterated that the policy “has not changed.”

The email from Poland to Boardman also stated, “By responding to a call outside of (Poland), the district is left less protected, or not protected at all. That is a derogation of our primary duty to protect the Poland community, and we take that duty seriously.”

Boardman Township administrator Jason Loree says Beaver, Springfield, Green and Ellsworth townships have agreed to help if Lane is not available.

Loree hopes to meet with both Canfield and Poland next week to try and remedy the situation.