Poland brothers start campaign to get drivers to slow down through neighborhoods

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After seeing many complaints about drivers speeding through neighborhoods, the "MLO Bros" wanted to do something

POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – Two brothers in Poland want to keep children safe. They saw a problem on the roads and have a plan to solve it.

Poland residents may see a difference in how people drive this holiday weekend. There are new signs posted in just about every neighborhood.

“We live in a relatively quiet neighborhood but at times, we definitely have cars speeding up and down,” Aaron Stamp said.

Luke and Isaac Schuster, who call themselves the MLO (mortgage loan officer) Bros, are planning to change that.

“Our police force do a great job but there’s so many roads, there’s people, there’s kids playing. It’s hard for them to cover everything,” Luke said.

The brothers are administrators for the Facebook group “Everything Poland.” After seeing many complaints about drivers speeding through neighborhoods, they wanted to do something.

“We started a campaign to get the community involved,” Isaac said. “We had a large amount of people who said they wanted signs in their yards, so we decided to make the signs and today, we are handing them out.”

They put up 70 signs. They even used a speed gun so if drivers went the correct speed, they got a gift card. If they were speeding, drivers saw a sign made by Luke’s son, Lucas, warning them again to slow down.

Lucas said he likes the idea of the signs because he’s seen the problem firsthand.

“I’ve seen speeders a lot when I go over my friend’s house or something. Yeah, I think it’s a good idea.”

So far, the MLO Bros received nearly $600 in donations for the Neighborhood Slow Down Campaign in Poland. All of it will be going toward the 2021 Celebrate Poland.

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