YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – When a home is demolished, the space left behind is fresh for new grass but also weeds and other troublesome plants. All of which need to be mowed regularly.

The Mahoning County Land Bank is hoping to cut back on how much mowing has to be done by planting clover in those areas.

Clover seeding will begin at several demolition properties owned by the Land Bank by early May. The seeding will be extended as more properties are demolished.

“After a demolition, we will plant clover instead of grass as a means to reduce the need to mow as often, which will benefit the health of our community,” said Gary Davenport, project coordinator at the Land Bank.

There are close to 700 properties where the clover will be planted.

“It’s better for budgets and it’s better for the local environment. It actually feeds bees and some other species too. That is something grass can’t do,” Davenport said.

The agency will also be planting native wildflowers in demolition areas where appropriate to support pollinator habitats.