YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Glenwood Avenue is one of Youngstown’s main roads, running north to south through the South Side from Mahoning Avenue to Midlothian Boulevard. Now, the city is putting together a plan to renovate Glenwood. The actual work is still a long way away but Wednesday evening, the community was presented with the start of a plan.

Drawings of what is and what could be lined the walls of Youngstown’s Jaylex Event Center on Wednesday as the 50 people at the meeting gazed at the first draft of the future of Glenwood Avenue.

“This is an initial feasibility study to look at options for the Glenwood Avenue corridor,” said Chris Tolnar with GPD Group of Youngstown.

Tolnar helped guide people through the many drawings. It was Tolnar’s architectural firm that devised the plan.

The photos that received a lot of attention were of the Glenwood-Canfield Road intersection. One possibility, make it a “T” intersection with nearby Idora Avenue or possibly replace the current traffic light with a roundabout, freely sending people in all directions.

With her husband, Stephanie Gilchrist owns Ryan’s Chair Barber and Styling Salon just south of the intersection.

“I am for the roundabout. I would love to see how that would work out. I’m not a fan of them because some of them, because sometimes it gets a little confusing, but I think it will be safer than what we see now with the stoplight,” she said.

Other suggestions were putting a bike lane along Glenwood Avenue, clearly marking intersections where people might cross, and running sidewalks along Glenwood in Boardman to Shields Road, where a pedestrian crossing to Mill Creek Park would be built.

Former State Representative Sylvester Patton has lived off Glenwood for 45 years. He’s glad some attention is being paid to Glenwood Avenue.

“But mainly for the pedestrians as far as slowing the traffic down on Glenwood and having designated crosswalks and everything,” he said.

Youngstown’s Deputy Director of Public Works Chuck Shasho says actual work is a long way away.

“I think the vision is, I think we want to get this accomplished within 10 years, I think, is the time frame that’s kind of identified in the study,” Shasho said.

GPD Group will now take the comments from the meeting and create a master plan for Glenwood Avenue. The master plan can then be used to get state and federal grants to pay for any work that would need to be done.