YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Youngstown Area Jewish Federation partnering with Foundation to Combat Antisemitism.

On social media and around the Federation campus, folks are sharing Stand Up To Jewish Hate.
It’s a campaign to educate all Americans about the rise of antisemitism.

Leaders at the Federation are hoping this inspires people to address the issues Jewish people are facing.

The campaign not only includes a social media presence but also a pin that can be worn. The blue square pin and logo have a deeper meaning than just a shape.

“This blue square is 2.4% of the black space which represents the 2.4% of Americans who are Jewish yet receive 55% of all the hate crimes in America,” said Nic Bush, development and community relations manager.

Pins can be picked up at the Jewish Community Center off of Gypsy Lane. Donations are not required but are appreciated.