MERCER, Pa. (WKBN) — First News was on the scene of a multiple-structure fire in Mercer less than a block from the East End Fire Department.

The fire was located near the intersection of East Market Street and East Homes Street. East Market Street in Mercer was closed for a time but has since reopened.

Two homes and a travel trailer had minor damage, including melted siding and smoke damage. A neighbor’s garage was burned down and a commercial dumpster was on fire as well.

The State Fire Marshal, Mercer, East End, Grove City, Pine Township and Jefferson Township fire departments were all on scene.

There was a large amount of smoke visible from a distance, captured by our Grove City weather camera, pictured below.

  • Mercer multiple-structure fire
  • Mercer multiple-structure fire
  • Mercer multiple-structure fire, image from Grove City weather cam

Brian Oehlbeck contributed to this report.