Photographer captures tattoo art through exhibit at Butler Institute of American Art

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Butler Tattoo Photographer Exhibit

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A new exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art features work from a photographer who turned his focus to the art of tattooing.

Photographer Mark Perrott has taken pictures of people across the country, focusing on older Americans with tattoos. One of those people was from Youngstown.

The artist finished the decades-long project without having any tattoos himself.

“There’s something about photographers maintaining a distance from their subject and if you are enmeshed in that subject, you are seeing things and getting responses in a different way. This way I feel a little more neutral about coming in and being an observer without any baggage,” Perrott said. 

Guests can use their smartphone to listen to audio interviews with the people in the portraits.

The exhibit will continue until Sept. 1.

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