WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Could you wait for something for 13 years? Delphi retirees lost their pension in the 2009 GM bankruptcy, and they’ve been waiting ever since to get it back.

Today, the biggest step yet landed on solid ground. A House committee in Washington has established the rules for the Susan Muffley Act to go to the floor.

“This has been heartbreaking for so many people and so much stress and anxiety over the years,” said Congressman Tin Ryan, D-13th District. “So, it’s great to see it at least get this far.”

There’s been no fix through the executive branch under multiple presidents. None through the Supreme Court. Now, a legislative effort will tackle it. It would restore the pension plan for 20,000 Delphi retirees across America. The spouses that were left out or had reduced pensions will be corrected and age-related reductions will be fixed.

“The plan would be put back into place. It would simply be operated by the PBGC,” said Bruce Gump, a spokesperson for the Delphi Salaried Retirees Association.

It would not fix all of the issues, including ones that determine things like the cost of nursing homes, even Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits.

“We would not get as much as we would have gotten had the plan not been terminated, but it would be a whole lot better than what we have now,” Gump said.

The fight started when GM declared bankruptcy and was bailed out by the federal government through the auto rescue package. Ryan said many were made whole by that but many weren’t.

“It’s wrong. It’s been wrong. They got hosed, totally, and this is the opportunity to fix it through legislation,” he said.

The legislation would have to be approved in the House, Senate and by the president. There’s a chance it could get to Joe Biden’s desk by the end of the year.