POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – Everyone is feeling the pinch at the pump, gas prices have been over $5 a gallon in most places in Ohio and Pennsylvania for 24 hours now.

Drivers are not happy about it.

The Morgan Oil station in Poland Township is drawing quite a lot of business from neighboring Pennsylvania because gas is still $4.79 a gallon.

“Yes, very. It’s quite a bit more, and it’s really gonna impact our summer plans,” said Camille Ledsome of Edinburg.

Many admit driving vacations may now be up in the air.

“Normally we’d go somewhere. I’d take the kids to the beach or we’d go on a little vacation. Even small road trips. You can’t really do that now,” said Ledsome.

She’s not alone.

“We have a camp up north at Canadohta Lake, and we limited our trips because it’s just so cumbersome to do it,” said John Wilkison of Edinburgh.

When we asked viewers to weigh in on our Facebook page, we were inundated. Danielle Garcia refuses to drive anywhere but work and the grocery store, adding, “I don’t understand how they expect us to survive like this.”

Melissa Mazzi said the rising prices are like an extra car payment on a car she’s already paid off because it costs her $400 a month to drive it.

Angela Shehadi said she’s giving up her car with a V8 engine and switching to a four-cylinder. We found others here doing the same thing.

“I quit driving my other car that has air conditioning and is comfortable, and I’m not driving the go-cart because I can’t afford the gas,” said Tricia Balangue of Edinburg.

In many cases, the folks here are spending $20 or $30 or even more to fill up than they might have just a couple of months ago.

Terry Busin of New Castle said he often uses his car to help others get around but after spending $50 to fill up he’s not sure he can continue.

“It is going to have to eliminate some of that, and I hate to do this because a lot of these people don’t have transportation but you just can’t afford to continue going,” said Busin.

Unfortunately, Busin doesn’t see prices coming down again anytime soon.