WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa. (WKBN) — The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) wants drivers to stay safe. That’s why it hosted a safety day at the Interstate 80 East Welcome Center in West Middlesex.

The Pennsylvania DUI Association and Department of Conservation and National Resources were also there.

Travelers could learn about impaired driving through a simulator. They could also learn about work zone and boat and water safety.

PennDOT also stressed avoiding distracted driving.

“Cell phones were obviously a big distraction, but you can be distracted by anything. It could be your own thoughts. It could be conversations with people in the vehicle. It could be your music, eating, drinking. So it’s such a widespread issue, and I think people often just think it’s a phone that is distracting, but it really could be anything,” said PennDOT Safety Press Officer Saxon Daugherty.

The PennDOT Worker’s Memorial was also on display. It honors the 90 PennDOT employees who lost their lives at work since 1970.

PennDOT says a lot of those deaths could have been avoided.