(WKBN) – Since Monday, we’ve been talking about an incoming storm bringing with it frigid temperatures and flash freezing. It all begins on Friday and after a conversation with PennDOT Thursday afternoon, we’ve learned they’re ready for the weather and increased travel.

“Our workers are already in shifts. So we have our morning shift and our afternoon shift, and they will cover those late night hours as well as needed. So we’re all prepared for 24-hour coverage,” said Jill Harry with PennDOT.

While a huge amount of snow isn’t expected, it will be cold, rainy and maybe icy.

“We can’t pre-treat when it’s raining because it’s all going to just go off the roadways. So we really are going to try to keep our eye on those temperatures and anticipate when they’re going to get below that freezing point so we can get out there as quickly as possible,” Harry said.

To stay up-to-date while traveling, Harry suggests using a GPS.

“Here in PennDOT, we use 511pa.com, which communicates directly to Waze and Google Maps. So when we have to put those alerts into our system, it’s also alerting those systems,” Harry said.

Speaking of driving, Harry says to leave early, be patient because the holidays bring extra travel and if you see plows, give them space.

“We’re experiencing the same weather that you’re experiencing. Really, the safest place to be is behind the cloud track. So resist that urge to pass the plow truck, so stay behind them,” Harry said.

Harry’s final advice is to pay attention to the forecast and make wise traveling decisions.