Penn Power updates service lines in Mercer County for winter season

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Crews installed nearly 1,000 new poles

Penn Power has installed updates in Mercer County.

MERCER COUNTY, Pa. (WKBN) – Penn Power is getting ready for the winter season by updating service lines in Mercer County.

Crews installed nearly 1,000 new poles. They also replaced 184,000 feet of power lines with thicker lines to withstand ice and heavy snow.

The updates will improve service for nearly 20,000 customers.

Penn Power also added 72 new automated devices that can restore power within seconds of an outage.

“A lot of the new automated tech will keep the power on for our customers because it won’t require us to send a crew out to address issues like a fallen tree on a branch that might have caused a momentary outage but will not cause a lengthy outage,’ said Lauren Siburkis, Penn Power spokesperson.

All the upgrades should be done by the end of the year.

Some big impacts on customers will restore time when there is an outage. Installation of new circuit ties will allow for more flexibility in restoring an outage.

A single circuit can serve thousands of customers, which means an outage due to a fallen tree on a power line could affect all customers served by that circuit. Circuit ties slit the circuit into sections, isolating outages to a smaller number of customers.

If your power does go out, it’s important you contact your provider directly.
The quicker you let them know, the quicker they can get your power restored.

In these days of scammers trying to trick people, Siburkis warns about who you should talk to or let in your home. She said there are ways you can be sure that a Penn Power/First Energy representative is who they say they are.

“An employee from First Energy or any of its electric companies will not come to a customer’s home unannounced. If you did not schedule an appointment, that should be a red flag,” Siburkis said.

First Energy representatives will always have company-issued identification on them and will happily show it to you.

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