STONEBORO, Pa. (WKBN) – Students at Lakeview High School will have something to look forward to in their biology classes this year.

Penn Power was at the school Wednesday installing its latest bird nesting site for osprey in the area.

The school says the birds have been nesting in the stadium lights, so Penn Power donated the nesting platform to continue its efforts of being proactive in protecting nesting birds.

The company says building these nests not only is good for the environment, but helps keep the lights on in your home.

“Nesting birds can can cause service disruptions because when they build on top of our electrical equipment, they can create electrical hazards that could produce a fire and disrupt service for our customers,” says Lauren Siburkis of First Energy.

In Mercer County, First Energy has helped install more than a dozen nesting platforms.

The one at Lakeview schools will also be used as an interactive learning opportunity for students.